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About QB365

QB365 - Online software has been designed to overcome the problems in the Existing Question Bank Creation & Question Paper Preparation Works. The Objective of the software is to improve the work quality, reduce the time taken and to economize the usage of resources involved. The Existing system has been proven incommensurate in comparison with the modern advancements in the education sector. QB365 has been designed to bridge this gap.

An Educational Institution's quality is gauged by the quality of the students it produces. The improvement in the quality of the students can only be attained by the system of regular assessments.

QBS is designed to systematize the Question Paper works and examination process, to improve the quality of the question prepared, to conduct the exam involving very less manpower, to evaluate the answer efficiently and transparently.

How it Works

  • 1. Teacher's Login

    Everyone is given separate login ID and Password

  • 2. Select Chapter

    The Chapter / Lessons available for various Subjects are entered.

  • 3. Manage Your Questions

    The question in a chapter / lesson can be selected and managed according to the user's specification

  • 4. Shuffle & Save Question Papers

    Question paper with different sets by shuffling the questions can also be created for the examination.The Various sets of questions can be downloaded. The question bank is useful for the question paper familiarization.

Awesome Features

Question Type

Various objective and subjective questions can be created. Objective questions like Choose, true or false, fill in the blanks and descriptive answers which answer the given questions.

Question Paper Creation

The question paper is created through the existing question bank. The difficulty and weightage levels are balanced. The alternative question papers can be created. The created question paper is kept more secret & Password protected.

Offline Exams

Centralized Database for content available for various courses and their predetermined objective are hosted here.

Blue Print Settings

The Blueprint setup can be formatted . It can be programmed initially and then through this blue print various question paper can be created.The Blueprint once stored numerous question paper pattern can be derived from that.

Question Paper Variation

Various Question papers can be set according to the Departments, syllabus, weightage, type of questions. Alternative questions can be created for the examination.

Subject / Chapter / Category

Various question papers can be created according to the various subjects. The question can be segregated according to the subject chapter and the various classes.

Question Bank Download

The Various set of questions and question banks can be downloaded. The question bank is useful for the question paper familiarization.


One Time setup cost.

Monthly Nominal Fees.

No hidden costs.

Life Time Access & Support.

  • Standard Limit - One
  • Subject Limit - One
  • Chapter Limit - One
  • Validity Period - 3 Days
  • Questions Paper Count - Unlimited
  • Users - Single
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  • Standard Limit - One
  • Subject Limit - One
  • Chapter Limit - All
  • Validity Period - One Year
  • Questions Paper Count - Unlimited
  • Users - Single
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