Main Features of Question Paper Software [ QB365 ]

Creating unique question papers for various chapters is a challenging and involves time consuming tasks. But QB365 solves this problem and can prepare any number of unique question papers within a few minutes. Multiple patterns of question paper can be created. Every new set of question paper contains various types of answer keys.

Question Type

Various objective and subjective questions can be created. Objective questions like choose the best answer, true or false, fill in the blanks and subjective questions with descriptive answers can be created.

Question Paper Creation

The question paper is created through the question bank. The difficulty level and weightage of question paper are balanced with ease. Alternative question paper sets can be created, moreover, questions are secure.

Blueprint Settings

Blueprint setup can be Organized and manipulated. Blueprint created initially can be used to prepare numerous question papers with different patterns.

Online Exams

Online exams can be conducted through QB365. The participants from various places can attend the exams simultaneously. Online exams can accommodate more persons than the traditional method.

Offline Exams

Its a centralized Database for the content available in different courses and their predetermined objective is hosted here.

Question Bank Download

The Various sets of questions can be downloaded. The question bank is useful for the question paper familiarization.

Question Paper Variation

Various question papers can be prepared for different departments, subjects, chapters depending on the syllabus, difficulty level and type of questions. Alternative questions or even same question paper with different sets by shuffling the questions can also be created for the examination.

Subject / Chapter / Category

Various question papers can be created according to different chapters, subjects and standards. There is an acute discrimination of questions from different chapters in all subjects and their standards.

Result Analysis

The result of the exam can be analyzed by using filters like age, mark wise and class wise. The result analysis can further help in the improvement of the teaching methods.

Result Comparison

The overall report of results generated after the conclusion of exams is compared with the results of other institutions.

Question Pattern Creation

The different question patterns can be compared with the help of the QB365. The best question pattern which brings out more information on the respective subject is selected so that students can acquire more knowledge.

Online Payment

The payment of examination fees can be done online. For this the user has to give his payment gateway and he has to login through his username and password to have a secured entry and pay the prescribed fees.

Contemporary Design

Surveys are done to know the scenario of the market criteria. A new entrant would come to know about the products clear ideas, methodology and can design his business process accordingly. The polls and surveys give him in depth knowledge of the product in the existing market. Through this product sales and service can be measured.

E Learning Environment

QB365 encourages E LEARNING ENVIRONMENT by providing centralized database. So that students can be relieved from their physical burdens and access knowledge from anywhere.

Responsive web design

QB365 has a responsive web design which gives easy reading and navigation experience to users with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Increased User Friendliness

QB365 is streamlined and interactive in style. The transparency of QB365 and its capability of dividing the work has made it easy to use.

Automated Question Paper Generation

In traditional system question paper generation is a stressful job, but in QB365 question paper can be generated automatically and manually in a short time and can be kept secretive. The questions can be created according to the teacher.

Improved accessibility

QB365 is user friendly software. Users can make their search through the available systems and the information can be accessed from one point.

Evaluation of the Examination

By the use of this software the answer key to the question paper is created through the question bank database. Now the answer is used by the teacher is used to evaluate the answer of the students. The impartiality in the evaluation process is ensured. Also more persons need not have to be involved.

Simplified Workflows

QB365 is designed in such a way that it simplifies the word flow. It has also increased transparency and ensured accountability in the services of the database. The administrator can view any process at any time.

Online and Offline Exam

QB365 conducts both online and offline exams with security. The administrator can choose the internet protocol settings through which the various internet protocol numbers can be selected and others can be stopped from accessing the exams.

Automated Question Bank

A centralized database is created for segregation of departments, classes, subjects, chapters,. The question bank can be accessed from anywhere by the students so that they get familiarized with the pattern. The answer sheets and the reviews of the previous exams are made available so that it can be used by the students.