Function of QB365

QB365 is specifically designed for teachers to overcome the challenges and efforts faced by them during the preparation of question banks on various subjects for different standards. You just need to specify the composition and structure of the question paper and then select the questions. Finally the question paper is created within 2 minutes. Question selection format can be selected according to your requirement with answer keys.

Blueprint Management

The blueprint setup can be formatted. It can be programmed initially and then through this blueprint various question paper can be created. The chapter's weightage of questions is entered. This blueprint setup is designed to ease the burden of the teacher in the endless list of assessments. The blueprint once stored numerous question paper pattern can be derived from that and examinations can be conducted in an automated manner.

Question Management

The question in a chapter can be selected and managed according to the user's specification. The various types of the questions such as multiple choice, descriptive, essay type, true or false can be easily selected for the examination. In the question management dashboard the available question is displayed. The new question can be entered and the type of the question can be selected and can be stored.

Question Bank Download

The question bank can be created and can also downloaded when necessary. Question bank can be created based on the question type and previous year.

Question Paper Management

Create and print question paper within 5 minutes easily with solutions and answer keys. Print question paper with a different set of patterns to avoid malpractice. Change font settings, font size, line space, each question space while print your question paper.

Chapter Management

Exams are created based on the questions from any particular chapter. The chapter available for various exams is entered. If the chapter is selected for the exam, then question paper is created by including the questions from that chapter. The question count for each question type can also be decided and the question paper is created accordingly.