A teacher who is in the traditional method is overburdened with question paper creation, exam evaluation, report generation. Most of the valuable time of the teacher is lost in doing this which over a period of time will become monotonous, laborious and time consuming

Smart Teacher

A smart teacher uses QB365 where the question bank eases, blueprint management eases the question paper creation, exam evaluation and report generation. The question paper can set in a more balanced manner with answer keys. So most of the time can be spent in honing their teaching skills through further updation.

Prepare Question Paper Immediately

School Principal

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Time : 10.00 am

School Teacher

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Immediately!! How is possible?
No Problem
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Manual Preparetion

USE QB365 Features

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How he Done

Still Preparetion

QB365 Offline Exam

  1. How I Prepared Different pattern?
  2. How to Prepared Unique Question Pattern?
  1. Print Suffeled Questions Papers
  2. Different Color Question Papers
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