What is QB365

QB365 - Online software has been designed to overcome the problems in the existing question bank creation & question paper preparation works. The Objective of the software is to improve the work quality, reduce the time taken and to economize the usage of resources involved. The existing system has been proven incommensurate in comparison with the modern advancements in the education sector. QB365 has been designed to bridge this gap for CBSE Schools & Teachers in India.

NCERT Questions

Questions asked on National Council Of Educational Research And Training is available in our cbse question paper preparation software.

HOTS Questions

Higher Order Thinking Skills Question are preloaded in our software

Value Based Questions

CBSE introduced Value Based Questions recently. These questions are based on values & key messages brought out on the basis of prescribed text.

Exempler Problems

Exempler problems and its solutions are readily available.

How Question Bank Software Work [ QB365 ]

Teacher Login

Everyone is given a separate login ID and password


Chapter Management

The Chapter / Lessons available for various Subjects are entered.

Question Management

The question in a chapter / lesson can be selected and managed according to the user's specification


Question Paper Creation

Question paper is created either by manual selection of questions or by using the created blueprint.

Blue Print Settings
Gernerate Multiple Pattern
Compatible All Devices
Print Question Papers
Drag Questions
Multiple Type Questions
Shuffle Questions

Unique Features - CBSE Schools Question Paper Preparation Software

  • screen
    Manage Question paper

    It contains a list of question paper created. Options to preview and print question paper is available.

  • screen

    Displays a graphical representation of overall question count of a subject.

  • screen
    Edit Exam

    It contains options to edit exam notes and mark of the exam.

  • screen
    School Name

    School name can be included at the time of question paper creation.

  • screen
    Login Page

    Individual logins are provided for each user. This ensures secure use.

  • screen
    Exam Information

    Main notes for each question paper is added. For example: Use blue pen only.

  • screen
    Assigning Marks

    User defined marks can be included during question paper creation.

  • screen
    Selection of chapters

    Only questions from selected chapters are used in question paper creation.

  • screen
    OR-TYPE questions

    OR-type and SUB-type questions can be created.

  • screen
    Question Types

    Various question types such as multiple choice, match the following, true or false, 2 marks, 5 marks, 1 mark and problems.

  • screen
    Edit Question Paper

    Questions can be added to and removed from the question paper.

  • screen
    Question Selection

    In manual question paper, selected questions will be added to the question paper.

Features of QB365 - CBSE

Question Type

Various objective and subjective questions can be created.

Question Bank Download

Various sets of questions can be downloaded. The question bank is useful for the question paper familiarization.

Blue Print Settings

Blueprint setup can be organized and manipulated. Blueprint created initially can be used to prepare numerous question papers with different patterns.

Question Paper Creation

The question paper is created through the question bank. The difficulty level and weightage of question paper are balanced with ease. Alternative question paper sets can be created, moreover,questions are secure.

Question Paper Variation

Various question papers can be prepared for different departments, subjects, chapters depending on the syllabus, difficulty level and type of questions. Alternative questions or even same question paper with different sets by shuffling the questions can also be created for the examination.

Subject / Chapter

Various question papers can be created according to different chapters, subjects and standards. There is an acute discrimination of questions from different chapters in all subjects and their standards.